Our Spirituality

Given the richness and dynamism found in Ignatian spirituality, it is indeed difficult to come up with a comprehensive or near-complete definition of it. “Finding God in All Things”, “For the Greater Glory of God”, “Discernment of Spirits” etc. - these phrases are commonly associated with Ignatian spirituality, but none of them can, by itself, fully characterize Ignatian spirituality.

Perhaps a better way to understand Ignatian spirituality is to revisit its source. Ignatian spirituality is rooted in the foundation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The Exercises themselves are a distillation of St. Ignatius’ spiritual experiences.

For Ignatius, God is ever loving, forgiving and active in all of creation. In the light of God’s infinite mercy, one becomes conscious of his deficiencies and sins. But this should not lead him to despair. Rather, this awareness should bring about a strong sense of gratitude, newfound spiritual freedom and a strong desire to follow Christ radically. Ignatius saw the possibility of everyone, in his or her own way, continuing and sharing in Jesus’ mission to bring about the Kingdom of God. Therefore, one is called to discern, discover and act on what God wills of him or her. Jesuits are called “contemplatives in action”, because we are tasked to continually discern where the Holy Spirit is guiding us, in order to respond appropriately.